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Summer activities, Dolomiti Trail, Nordic Walking

Nature reigns supreme in the summer


Our summers will enthral you with excursions, via ferrata routes, or “iron paths” for those who love rock climbing, horseback riding, marked trails for mountain biking, all in the heart of nature.

Mountain biking & running experience



Let the DOLOMITES excite you: a UNESCO world heritage site, the experience on foot can be a challenging Ultra-Trail, or perhaps a multi-day Hike, whether alone, listening to the sounds of the mountains, or in company, taking pleasure in the joys of friendship. The mountain bike trail can be a truly extreme challenge for those who wish to tackle trails and singletracks all in one go, or a less challenging adventure for those looking to discover new places, cultures, traditions and local cuisine.

Finish the Trail by walking, running or mountain biking after a round trip between Comelico, Carnia Cadore and Alta Pusteria—a journey of over 180 Km, a cumulative elevation gain of over 6,800 m and an unforgettable challenge to earn the sought-after DoloMitiCo Trophy. The shoe symbol will lead you along the Running Trail, while the “bike” symbol will guide you along the Bike Trail.

Petting zoo
Not just horses...

Petting zoo

We usually talk of 0 Km, but we’d like to tell you about 0 Metres. In front of the Hotel, the Fontana Agricultural Holding offers the opportunity of spending unforgettable moments in close contact with their animals and farming. Strolls in step with the donkeys, an ethological approach to riding, experimenting with gardening using natural techniques, discovering the features of farm animals through play and care, wellness and therapy programmes with qualified personnel.

Feel great...

Nordic Walking


Nordic walking is a sports walking technique using specially designed poles. It can be used for wellness, fitness, or sport, from a leisurely, therapeutic walk, to athletic exercise. It’s the perfect exercise to achieve physical wellness without straining the joints, ideal for those who wish to practise some sport, stay in shape, lose weight, whether old or young.

Walking with poles is a healthy and natural activity that eliminates stress, clears the mind and makes us walk in the heart of nature. It’s also easy and fun, a physical exercise that will pleasantly surprise you!

Nordic Walking
Val Comelico
Real mountains!

Val Comelico


“All the green Comelico dotted with hamlets half hidden among the fir-trees and the pines” (translated by G.L. Bickersteth). This is how Giosuè Carducci, a guest in the Comelico, wrote of this valley with its own distinctive outline, vast forests of fir and lush green meadows, dotted here and there with houses and barns, a continuous series of towns, crowned with dolomite peaks that create a breathtaking view.

sheer adrenaline...

Fun bob


The Fun Bob is the most popular and fun summer attraction in Auronzo di Cadore and the crown jewel of the Monte Agudo skiing area. The rail starts right alongside the station, uphill of the Taiarezze-Malòn ski lift, at an altitude of 1,361 m above sea level. Once you’ve climbed into the bob and the Auronzo d’Inverno operators have secured you, just push the lever forward and let the fun begin. The rail speeds along stunning straight lines, bends and curves that in winter turn into ski slopes.

Fun bob

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