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“La Žìria”

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La Žìria restaurant owes its name to the Ladino dialect of upper Comelico, where it means “swallow”. We chose this name as an homage to our loyal customers, who, like the swallows, always come back home.

Every day, we put all our passion at the service of our guests to create the right occasion to savour good food and be beguiled by good wine. La Žìria has 4 dining rooms:

Mathusalem (The name for a 6 litre bottle) is the largest and is designed for banquets, ceremonies, parties, etc.

Yquem (Chateau d'Yquem is the most prestigious dessert wine in the world) is a gem of a place to spend a night in the company of good friends.

L'Apparita (a Tuscan Merlot that in 1987 won the award for best Merlot in the world) is quiet, and perfect for company lunches and dinners.

Stua is cosy and warm, completely covered in wood and has a Larin, an open fireplace, in the middle, perfect for romantic candlelit dinners.

Our dishes

Discover the local products and ingredients we use at our restaurant.

Local dishes and much more...


Regional specialties and much more...  
Frico filled phyllo pastry box with light curry bechamel  €14,00
Delights from Comelico Valley (for 2 people) € 19,00
(turkey, loin and deer meat marinated and smoked by us)  
Decomposed sausage marinated with dried orange, berry dressing and mixed salad € 13,00
Fassona tartare with caramelized onion € 19,00
Bourguignonne style snails € 14,00
First courses  
Risotto with livers and orange sauce € 14,00
Polenta gnocchi with game ragù and cranberries €14,00
Venetian pasta and beans € 12,00
Casunziei "La Ziria" (typical pasta dish with local herbs and melted ricotta stuffing) € 13,00
Tagliatelle with turnip greens and pastin sausage €13.00
Main courses  
Comelico dish (deer meat goulasch, sausage, grilled polenta and mushrooms) € 21,00
Monkfish rolled with speck € 24,00
Stewed venison cheek with port reduction and mountain radicchio € 23,00
Beef fillet in pomegranate sauce € 25,00
Egg a.l.t. with diced feta and pea cream € 17,00
Rum pork tomahawk with coffee powder and spring onions (starting from 500gr.) €5.00/hg
Buckwheat cake with vanilla ice cream  € 7,00
White chocolate mousse with mint sauce and shortcrust pastry crumble € 7,00
Pistachio tiramisù  €7,00
Chocolate cake with a tender heart € 8,00
(15 min. cooking time in the oven)  
Tart with custard, chestnuts and chocolate chips € 7,00

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