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L'Anguana del Vin wine cellar

The pride of Monaco Sport Hotel


Our wine cellar L'Anguana del Vin, our crown jewel, contains around 15,000 bottles and 1,500 wine labels to ensure a pleasant evening with friends, passion, camaraderie, enthusiasm. Because wine is life.

Let our cellar speak for itself:
I love good wine, delight in good food, enjoy kind hospitality and can’t live without complete relaxation...

You know what? I’m in the right place! My story dates back to the mists of time: there are those who think of me as merely a figure of fantasy and folklore, but that’s not the case.

I have a soul, a mind, and guile as well, which never hurts and can take you a long way... And it landed me here.

A magical spot, in the heart of nature
(something I know about, trust me), covered in soft, fluffy white in winter, and dressed in crisp, refreshing green in summer, with strong, sharp flavours like the people around here, an exquisite and intense fragrance like this land.

If you’re like me and you’re susceptible to these delights, if you allow yourself to be charmed, as you would after a sweet and steady courtship, then, like me, you will come back, always and forever. They’ll never get rid of me.

How forgetful I am, I still haven’t told you who I am! Are you sure you want to know?

L'Anguana del Vin

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